Anased 10%

Potent alpha-2 adrenergic agonist Xylazine for analgesia and sedation.


Active Ingredient

Akorn Anased 10% Injection contains alpha-2 adrenergic agonist Xylazine to produce a state of sedation accompanied by a shorter period of analgesia in horses.
Each mL contains Xylazine hydrochloride equivalent to 100 mg base activity


Pharmacology: Akorn Anased 10% Injection, a non-narcotic compound, is an analgesic and sedative as well as a muscle relaxant. Its analgesic and sedative activity is related to central nervous system depression. Its muscle relaxant effect is based on inhibition of the intraneural transmission of impulses in the central nervous system. The principal pharmacological activities develop within 10 to 15 minutes after intramuscular injection, and within 3 to 5 minutes following intravenous administration. A sleep like state of dose-dependent depth is usually maintained for 1 to 2 hours, while analgesia lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. The central action of skeletal musculature relaxation complements sedation and analgesia.


Akorn Anased 10% Injection should be used in horses when it is desirable to produce a state of sedation accompanied by a shorter period of analgesia.
Akorn Anased 10% Injection has been used successfully as follows:
  1. Diagnostic procedures such as oral and ophthalmic examinations, abdominal palpation, rectal palpation, vaginal examination, catheterisation of the bladder and radiographic examinations.
  2. Orthopaedic procedures such as application of casting materials and splints.
  3. Dental procedures.
  4. Minor surgical procedures of short duration such as debridement, removal of cutaneous neoplasms and suturing of lacerations.
  5. To calm and facilitate handling of fractious animals.
  6. Therapeutic medication for sedation and relief of pain following injury or surgery.
  7. Major Surgical procedures:
  • When used as a pre-anaesthetic to general anaesthesia
  • When used in conjunction with local anaesthetics

Dosage and Administration

  1. Dosage: These dosages usually produce sedation for 1-2 hours and analgesia for 15-30 minutes.
    • Horses 0.5 - 1.1 mg/kg I.V. 1.0 - 2.2 mg/kg I.M
    • Fallow Deer 1 - 2 mg/kg I.M.
    • Red Deer 0.5 - 1 mg/kg I.M.
    • Wapiti and Red/Wapiti Cross 0.5 - 1 mg/kg I.M.
      (Generally require high end of Red Deer dose for efficacy).
  2. Following injection of Akorn Anased 10% Injection the animal should be allowed to rest quietly until full effect is reached. Pre-anaesthetic to Local Anaesthesia: Akorn Anased 10% Injection at the recommended dosages can be used in conjunction with local anaesthetics, such as procaine or lidocaine.
  3. Pre-anaesthetic to General Anaesthesia: Acorn Anased 10% Injection at the recommended dosage rate produces an additive effect to central nervous system depressants such as pentobarbital sodium, thiopental sodium and thiamylal sodium. Therefore the dosage of such compounds should be reduced and administered to the desired effect. In general 1/3 to ½ of the calculated dosage of the barbiturates will be needed to produce a surgical plane of anaesthesia. Post-anaesthetic or emergence excitement has not been observed in animals preanaesthetized with Akorn Anased 10% Injection. Akorn Anased 10% Injection has been used successfully as a pre-anaesthetic agent for pentobarbital sodium, thiopental sodium, thiamylal sodium, nitrous oxide, either, halothane, glyceryl gualacolate and methoxyflurane anaesthesia.


Presented as individual sterile clear glass multi-dose vials containing 50 mL