Pyohex Shampoo

Product overview

Pyohex is a medicated shampoo, which is used for the treatment of bacterial (Staphylococcal) skin infection in dogs.

What it does

The majority of cases of skin infections in dogs are due to underlying conditions, which allow the low numbers of normal bacterial residents to overgrow and cause disease.

The underlying causes for bacterial infections include allergies, hormonal problems and infestations of parasites.

Pyohex shampoo corrects the balance of positive and negative bacteria on the skin.

How to Administer

  • Shampoo should be applied to wet coat and lathered up.

  • Leave on for ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

  • Distract the dog from licking during this period, foam ingestion can cause stomach upset.

  • After rinsing allow the dog to shake excess water from its coat and then rub Aloveen conditioner through the coat whilst still damp.


For further information or questions please call your local vet to discuss.

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