Natural Shampoo

Product overview

Natural Shampoo is a mild hypoallergenic shampoo which is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin.

Soap free, Natural Shampoo is suitable for use in conjunction with flea rinses and spot-on flea treatments. It is economical, has a pleasant coconut smell and is suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens of any age.

What it does

Safe enough to use daily, regular use will reduce the number of pollens and irritants on the coat.

How to Administer

  1. Wet the coat thoroughly.
  2. Apply Natural Shampoo to several points and massage in gently. Using a sponge can help with the lathering actions.
  3. Rinse shampoo thoroughly.

Note: For best results apply Aloveen Intensive Conditioner sparingly to the coat at several points and massage in gently. The conditioner can be rinsed lightly or left on the coat. Gently dry and brush the coat as normal.


For further information or questions please call your local vet to discuss.