Dentacetic Wipes and Gel

Product overview

DentAcetic Wipes and Gel contain ingredients to help reduce plaque. Both products are designed so clients can administer them at home.


For dental cleaning and to aid in the management of pet dental hygiene.

Both the wipes and gel use sodium hexametaphosphate and mechanical action to
remove the accumulated plaque from the buccal tooth surfaces daily. The flavoring
agents of cinnamon and clove, which are tolerated by most pets, help deodorize
pets’ breath. 

Directions for Use:

Wipes: Wrap a single wipe around index finger. Start with the pet’s front teeth and rub each tooth gently,
but firmly, working toward the back teeth, focusing on the area where the tooth and gum meet.
Use twice daily to achieve the best effect.

DentAcetic Gel: Use as a toothpaste alternative