Disease overview

Bacterial infections occur when bacteria invade the bodies tissues and proliferate causing damage to surrounding tissues. They are often treated with antibiotics.


Signs of bacterial infection can be many and varied such as pain, swelling, temperature, fever, discharges.


Bacterial Infections include:

Gram + aerobic

  • Skin infections (pyoderma) 
  • Staph 
  • Strep

Gram - aerobic

  • Pseudomonas 
  • E.Coli 
  • Chlamydophila 
  • Mycoplasma

Gram + anaerobic

  • Wounds/Osteomyelitis 
  • Actinomyces 
  • Peptostreptococcus 
  • Dental/Skin Infections 
  • Propionibacterium

Gram - anaerobic

  • Wounds, dental infections
  • Bacteroides 
  • Fusobacterium

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